Coordinated by the German Marine Research Alliance (Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung (DAM)) the project “Underway”–Data is supported by the marine science centers AWI, GEOMAR and Hereon of the Helmholtz Association research field “Earth and Environment”. The “Underway”-Data project aims to improve and standardize the systematic data collection and data evaluation for expeditions with German research vessels. It supports scientists in their data management duties and fosters (data)science through FAIR and open access to marine research data. AWI, GEOMAR and Hereon develop the marine data hub (Marehub). This MareHub initiative is a contribution to the DAM that builds a decentralized data infrastructure for processing, long-term archiving and dissemination of marine observation and model data and data products.

Together, the “Underway”-Data project and the MareHub initiative form the basis of a coordinated data management infrastructure to support German marine science and international cooperation.

The data and infrastructure of these joint efforts contribute to the NFDI and EOSC. The relationships between those initiatives as well as the European Open Science Cloud are depicted in the following infographic:

The Marine Data Portal provides user-friendly, centralized access to marine research data, reports and publications from a wide range of data repositories and libraries in the context of German marine research. The common feature of the collected repositories and libraries is that the German marine research community and its international collaborators use these repositories to publish and access marine research data and reports. The portal is developed by scientists for scientists in order to facilitate Findability and Access of marine research data for Reuse. It supports machine-readable, data driven science and the development of cloud computing in science. Please note that the quality of the data may vary depending on the purpose for which it was originally collected.